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You can inject them into the thigh, upper arm, stomach, or buttocks. Check out our
YouTube channel for more injection videos.

Most of the syringes will contain between 40 and 100 units. Follow the directions on our prescription bottle to determine the correct amount to draw up. Some doses might seem like a very tiny amount of solution, but we assure you it is correct.

Remember to stay consistent with your peptide regimen and follow dosing instructions to see results in a timely manner. Results and changes typically start to become noticeable between months 2 and 4.

At this time, there is minimal data regarding the safety of peptides in pregnant and breastfeeding individuals. Therefore, we do not prescribe peptides to pregnant or breastfeeding persons.

If you miss an injection, we recommend resuming the therapy the next day. Additional or makeup doses are not recommended.

You can technically take peptides for 7 days, but for dosing purposes and consistency it’s easiest to stick with a schedule like Monday – Friday. If your peptides come later in the week and you are eager to get started, by all means, feel free to start them and then take the next weekend off.

CONSISTENCY, sleep, and good health habits like a balanced diet and exercise will help your peptides work even better. Try to take your peptides at the same time when they are instructed to dose and try to not miss days if possible. We understand travel and life happens- but drawing up the dose ahead of time, setting a reminder alarm, or doing it during a specific time during your morning or night routine will help you remember to take them.

Yes, you can. We recommend carrying them in your carry-on luggage. Be sure to pre-draw syringes instead of bringing the whole bottles. This will help prevent accidental loss. Peptides are “OK” at room temperature until you reach your destination, but feel free to bring an ice pack with them if you prefer!

Best practice is to keep them in the fridge and away from sunlight. Peptides can be kept at room temperature for up to X days if you need to travel.

These should be disposed of properly in a lidded container. This could be a water bottle or milk jug then placed in the recycling or garbage.

Sometimes, Yes. This is because semaglutide helps regulate your insulin levels, some nausea is expected. However, consuming the right foods and avoiding alcohol can help reduce these side effects.

This is why we have custom packages just for you. We want to take the guesswork out and help you achieve the best results. These packages were carefully crafted by our experts and team to provide a comprehensive approach to health.

Peptides work better the more consistently and over a longer duration you use them. You will begin to notice not only physical and mental changes but also improvements in your sleep. However, there is no health risk associated with stopping them. We just anticipate that you’ll love the results so much that you won’t want to stop!

We love hearing from you and how peptides make you feel. Please feel free to join our ambassador program to earn points and share your journey!

Yes, no need to worry! The peptides need to be placed in the fridge after you receive them, but there’s no cause for concern if the ice pack melted. Peptides can be stored at room temperature for up to X days.

A: Semaglutide and Tirzepatide aren’t one-size-fits-all medications. Our consultations are crucial to understanding where you struggle with weight loss, how long it’s been since you gained weight, and ensuring you feel good whiletaking peptides without experiencing nausea or rapid weight loss. It’s essential to follow the dosage instructions on the bottle.

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